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Hey there! I often get asked about what books, products and services I use and recommend, so I decided to put together a page with all the information in one place.


It has taken me quite sometime to single out the best of the best.

Just a disclaimer – a few of these are affiliate links (aka I partnered with the company because I use the product and proudly endorse them – so I do receive a commission if you pay to sign up).

Here are the tools to help you make you more effective and your message ultra attractive.

Selfie Stick Tripod – Forget about buying a selfie stick plus a tripod. Here is a two for one!

Lumee Case Light – a smart phone case to light up your face. Provides most flattering lighting on the go.

Diva Ring Light – you will love the way your skin looks on camera with this light. It’s a bit pricey but what a great easy video setup!

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